How can we help you?

At Carepath Solutions we specialize in helping casualty insurance companies and defense attorneys directly reduce the cost of their medical claims. Our mission is to maximize medical cost containment and reduce and eliminate fraud through experienced and personalized secure services.

For nearly four decades we have provided our clients with quality examinations by our physicians and the most thorough reports in the industry. Our passion for claim cost containment and our hands-on approach ensures that our clients can identify and defend against fraudulent or frivolous claims, while paying valid claims.

We are experts in our field.  Our goal is to leverage qualified and reliable physicians to handle your independent medical exams and peer reviews to dramatically improve your loss ratio and reduce and eliminate fraud.

Prevent loss of arbitration or any legal dispute due to weak medical determinations and let us eliminate ordinary or boilerplate physician reviews and allow us to provide you with access to seasoned, well-respected experts.