1985: An industry is born.

Louis pioneered the IME industry before there was an IME industry.

For more than 30 years, Louis has ambitiously dedicated himself to honest and prompt reporting with a hands-on approach to working relationships with medical experts, casualty insurance companies and defense attorneys. 

At age 21, Louis pioneered what came to be commonly known as the Independent Medical Examination (IME). In the early 1980’s, auto insurance companies were expending valuable man-power, money, time and resources arranging their own second opinion exams. Louis harnessed a panel of physicians and with the proper leadership, ensured low-cost, quick-scheduling, fast-turnaround, honest IMEs.


New Jersey auto carriers realized the tremendous asset of this service and relied on Louis and his staff to recruit board certified doctors to evaluate claimants in an unbiased fashion.

In 1988, Louis took his knowledge and respect for the industry and started his own company, MedStat Inc., later to become ClaimStat Inc. He took the most important ingredients: integrity and caring for his employees and the industry as a whole, and built a successful medical cost containment consulting company. The huge, multi-tasking, factory-style, monopolizing, bureaucratic companies that currently pervade the industry did not exist at that time. Based on ClaimStat’s quality and efficiency, steady growth, tremendous success and impeccable reputation, the company was acquired by National Healthcare Resources.

In 2006, Louis began his next business venture, Carepath Solutions. He and his colleagues hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and prompt delivery of services.